Can you ship a slab to me?
Email me an address and which slab and I can get an estimate of shipping. Costs vary widely based on how big (heavy and shape) and how far it is traveling. 

Do you Fell Trees? Sorry no I am not a licensed arborist. I can trim and cut logs into firewood if needed if they are already on the ground. 

Will you buy my tree? No. A yard tree standing or on the ground has no value. An occasional exception is a large black walnut tree with access for removal that is bucked to proper lengths (not firewood rounds). 

I have to remove a tree, do you want it?

Maybe, send photos and circumfrence at chest height, species, and a date of the removal to [email protected]  Logs may be refused for various reasons including: metal, poor shape, undesirable species, undesirable accesss, undersirable removal date and timeline, rot or other defects. 

Where do your slabs come from?
I source logs from urban tree removals, storm damage, and the yard debris dumps. Everything is salvaged and not a single tree is felled for the lumber. 

Is the wood kiln dried?

Any green wood for sale?
No, hardly ever. Only the occasional green turning blanks on instagram.

How much does a dining table cost?
Like so many things, it depends. Cost varies widely depending on size, species used, and wood or metal base. 
$4000 and up is a good starting point.

What species do you accept?
Walnuts, Maples, Myrtle, Box elder, Elms, Sycamore, Black Locust, Honey locust, Birch (sometimes), Apple/Plum/Apricot (sometimes), White Oak (no branches for 9' at least), Any species with large burls.

Do you offer Kiln Drying services:
I do not own a kiln sorry.

Do you offer planing services:
only occasionally. If you need planing done I highly recommend https://www.creativewoodworkingnw.com
Give them a call and make an appointment.

Can you store a slab I bought for me?
No. After 2 weeks the slab is mine! If you have extenuating circumstances, just message me and we'll work something out. 

I wanna vist the slabs right now!! What's the address?
Slab viewing is by appointment only. Send me an email and we'll set a time.

I bought a great slab on this website. When can I pick it up? 
Very soon! I get an email right away when you order something. If you don't hear from me in a day, message me! I rent space in Oak Grove, OR (Technically a Milwaukie address)... so I don't give out the address on the website. 

Is it available?
Just an inside joke